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A short history about SQL Server scalability

As more and more of our customers communicate with us in English, I decided to start blogging in English. So for my "new" readers here is a small introduction to what I do with SQL Server and other similar technologies. Originally I'm a developer, who is gradually immersed in various database technologies. I have been working with databases for more than 30 years now. I started my own business with my partners in 1994. Then, in the late 1990s, I discovered the vast possibilities of Microsoft SQL Server for our customers. Our office is in Hamburg, and since 2017 we also have an office in Karlsruhe in the south of Germany. The company name "Projekt Service" expresses what we do most of the time. We support projects of any kind, as long as they are related to SQL Server or databases in general, with our products. A plan can actually mean the classic long-running project as well as a short-term action to eliminate unwanted impact in development or operation. W